White Fox

White Fox is a data recovery company based out of Utah. They came to Aktual Design for help with their branding, strategy and website.


Competitor analysis, market research, brand heart, brand positioning, target audience discovery, logo design, visual identity, web design


Data recovery can be complex, especially when you need a quick solution. White Fox needed help creating a clean, minimal brand and website that was short and to the point so their audience could relax and never worry again.

Taking the Stress out of DRAAS

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Using bold, but simple colors, typeface, messaging, and a strategically minimal site we built a brand for White Fox that boosts the confidence of their audience.

Take it Easy


Your Team for DRAAS

The research showed that the majority of DRAAS customers get overwhelmed trying to find the right data recovery company. White Fox brings a new take on the data recovery industry with their newly branded and user-friendly website built with their customers in mind.

Website coming soon.