Beautiful web design that gets you noticed + converts.

There's no magic here...Just a husband and wife duo devoted to building the best website for your brand.



Research that helps you stand out

Design without research is like milk without cookies. Sure it works, but it's not nearly as good. Before we even begin designing, we research your competitors and target audience to create a website that is diversified and targeted towards the right crowd.


Mobile optimization

Mobile friendly scrolling

We live in a world where more than 50% of people view websites on their mobile devices. At Aktual, we make sure your mobile site flows just as smooth as the desktop version, leaving your site visitors happy.

5 reasons why Aktual Design is right for your brand.



Punchy messaging

We are sure you have a lot to say about your business, we get it. But let's be real, no one really takes the time to read all the fine text anyway. We work with you and your team to create strong tag-lines, CTA's, and everything else messaging that will grab and maintain your audience's attention throughout their website experience


Web design

Optimized for success

Killing two birds with one stone isn't as crazy as it sounds...Our web design is tailored to match your brand identity whiles solving the major business problems that are stunting your growth. No stones or dead birds involved.


Web Admin

A smooth transition

The hand-off between you and your designer can be a scary moment. That's why each of our projects include a complimentary training session to help you understand the ins and outs of your website. Looking for more assistance? We manage websites too.

Two designers who care

As small business owners, we understand that outsourcing services can be scary. That's why we pride ourselves in being flexible to work with while at the same time having a smooth and detailed process that doesn't stress you out.

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