Uniloc Floating Brace


The Uniloc Brace is an innovative, dual locking ankle brace that has been proven to prevent, protect and support the complete ankle so people living an active lifestyle can do more of what they love.


Competitor analysis, market research, target audience discovery, brand heart, logo design, visual identity, product photography, photography style, packaging design, web design.

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Brace yourself

Uniloc had a solid product with the data and testimonials to back it up. What they were lacking was a strong brand to elevate it to the next level. 

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Less recovery, more play.

We designed an electric visual identity that appeals to an audience bigger than just professional athletes. Clear, direct and informational messaging works together to educate and sell to buyers. 


The ultimate brace

Uniloc is for people living an active lifestyle. Athletes, soccer moms, gym-rats alike can feel confident in the prevention, protection, and support this brace and brand will give.

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