MJ Pianos

One of the top companies in the industry, MJ Pianos sells high quality pianos and provides top-notch services to help people throughout Salt Lake and Utah county play like never before.


Competitor analysis, market research brand heart, brand positioning, target audience discovery, logo design, visual identity, photography, style guide, web design


Hitting the Right Note

With a new store opening and numerous competitors in the valley, MJ Pianos needed to reposition themselves to stand out visually and strategically while still appealing to their diverse target audience.

Feeling inspired to work with us?


Using the qualitative and quantitative data we collected and working closely with MJ Pianos, we created a powerful brand with strategic messaging, a bold visual identity and a user-friendly website.

The Key to Success 


Playing Like Never Before

With their new, improved, and modern brand, MJ Pianos disrupts the piano industry to better serve the families of Utah connecting through piano playing.