Archie is a high-quality dog food delivery service. They partner with local kitchens to offer fresh, on-demand meals for your dog(s). Real dogs deserve real food.


Competitor analysis, market research, ad campaigns, target audience discovery, logo design, visual identity, photography style, brand naming, web design


A time to celebrate

Archie offers something that no other dog food brand does. Fresh dog food made in local kitchens. We needed to create a strong brand presence with powerful copy that gets the message across that Archie is different than other dog food delivery services.

Feeling inspired to work with us?


The Aktual team set out to create a brand identity and messaging structure to clearly articulate the difference between Archie and the other dog food delivery brands currently on the market. 

Man's best friend


Treat yourself, and your dog

Now you can order food without your dog guilt tripping you when your food shows up on your door. Archie is the go-to solution for dog owners who want to spoil their dog while keeping them healthy.